Monday, February 21, 2011

Zero Chance for Survivor

OK boys and girls here's bike a guy named Brian Blanton is putting together using one of ours frames.
Brian seemed to inherit the bastard child frame that nobody wanted.. Long story short we built this frame for a customer,customer never paid balance,we sold frame to someone else,they sold frame to Brian..Well we're glad he ended up with,cuz damn he's putting together one cool looking xs with it.
We inquired with Brian's friend Jason,another customer of ours,to find out more about this dude and this is what Jason had to say..
"One of the coolest dudes you will ever meet and best friends you could ever have. Does this stuff cause he loves it. He doesnt ask for anything in return. He has his own style and definite vision. We work on our bikes at the golf course he works at and we call his "shop"--Shot-Out & Son Cycles--. Everybody brings bikes by to get something welded on or made for them."
Sounds good to us.We dig it..Keep it up and get that mother on the road..

Jason your bikes next...

Alright enough bla bla blahin' now with the pics..

check out that nifty little detail..

As we keep finding pic on the interwebs or maybe he'll just send us some so nate can lose them again, we'll keep you updated on this one..

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