Friday, January 15, 2010

A Message From the H.M.F.I.C

First and foremost from the crew at Ardcore Choppers we would like to thank everyone for their support in 2009. You the customer have made us the premier builder of XS 650 frames on the planet and I would like to personally extend my gratitude.
With your global support in 2009 we have experienced some major growing pains which we are diligently addressing as we move forward into 2010. One major area of concern is turnaround time on complete frames. Those of you who have frames on order rest assured we are working our asses off to get these completed and shipped. Our goal for the coming year is to have standard bobber frames in stock and ready for immediate shipment. However, as our market grows there may be instances where we are caught short. Our objective in these hopefully isolated instances is to be able to ship within a week of receiving a order. We are currently implementing plan’s to expand our operation in the areas of equipment and personnel allowing us to increase production to achieve the before mentioned goals within the first quarter. Keep in mind at no point will we sacrifice the quality you have come to know from us to achieve these goals.
For customer support we are looking at ways to step up our email and phone support. Please keep in mind it is not uncommon for us to receive 30 plus emails in a day. We do respond to each and every one but sometimes based on the volume it may take us a day or so. The same holds true for our telephone support. If we are engulfed in getting work done it is often difficult to stop and grab a call from a telemarketer trying to sell a subscription to National Geographic. The easiest way to talk with us is via email however, we do understand there are instances when you need to speak to a live person. If you call and get the recording please just leave a message and we’ll return the call ASAP. Do not call once, neglect to leave a message and then say you can’t get a hold of us. We pride ourselves in offering what many have said to be the best customer support in the business and are committed to building on that reputation. Again if you get the recording leave us a message AND WE WILL RETURN YOUR CALL!.
In closing we have numerous new and exciting products we are getting ready to bring to the market for both the XS guys and others in 2010. Some products we make and use on our full builds and some brand new never seen before. On that note we will be building a new show bike for the 2010 World Championship Of Bike Building as we did receive a invitation from one of the promoters for this years event in Sturgis. Although it will be somewhat kept under wraps till completion (too many guys like to copy our stuff) we feel confident the wait will be well worth it when it is unveiled. For the new year we pledge to you as always, you can count on us to lead the way for quality and innovative products to help you build your dream bike.

Again, thank you for allowing us to serve you and best wishes to you and yours in the new year,
Jon Ard
Ardcore Choppers LLC

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